Valentine's Private Tour & Tasting


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Join us at the factory for a special Valentine's day event! We will be holding private tours and tastings on Saturday, February 12th, and Sunday, February 13th. Must book in advance, only 12 seats are available for each tasting. 

Taste amazing craft chocolate without the pretentiousness (or at least, not that much)

Part 1: Start in the factory for a private tour of how we make chocolate from bean to bar! 

Highlights include:

  1. Origins of cacao and the journey it has before arriving at Chomp! 
  2. Regions of cacao and the flavors it produces
  3. Smell & taste chocolate at every step of the process from raw bean to creamy chocolate bars. 
  4. How our chocolate factory produces thousands of bars every single month
Part 2: Take a seat at the "Chocolate Bar" for an exclusive tasting
  1. Sample 4-5 types of chocolate from different regions
  2. Explore the flavor profiles of each selection
  3. Featuring exclusive valentine's bars with inclusions such as nuts, fruit, and coffee
  4. End with a plate of snacks & a bowl of warm factory-fresh chocolate for dipping.

 We will also be providing coffee, seltzer & cocoa tea at no additional cost

  • Only 12 seats are available per tour, if you are unable to checkout, that means the timeslot is full.
  • Ages for this event are 13+
  • 1 ticket = 1 person. If you are a couple then please purchase two tickets
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early so we can start on time
  • Masks are required. You may take them off while seating at the bar for your tasting

Factory Address:

2195 Hyacinth ST NE #134 Salem, OR 97301

Any questions, feel free to email

Our Cocoa Commitment

Chomp! is committed to sourcing our Cacao via fair-trade (good) or direct-trade (better). Not only is this good for farmers, it also allows us to ensure rainforests and ecosystems weren't disrupted to harvest. Paying farmers fairly also helps protect against unethical situations such as child labor.

Allergy Information

All of our bars and chocolate are currently gluten-free except the Popstar bar which contains barley malt extract. We do use the same equipment to process our chocolate.

PLEASE NOTE: Our factory equipment is used to process nuts such as cashew, coconut and peanuts.