Vegan Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. Soy & Palm-Oil Free!


Vegan White Chocolate Stuffed With Crunchy Cookie Bites. Gluten-Free!


Vegan Milk Chocolate W/Crunchy Rice Puffs. Nut Free (Has Coconut)


Creamy Vegan Oat Milk Chocolate Made From Cocoa Bean-To-Bar

What Chompions are saying

Real Feedback From Our Customers.

Delicious and so allergy friendly it's amazing! Everything I have tried has been so good!
— Nancy (Dec 10, 2022)
OVER THE MOON! This is the best peanut butter chocolate I have ever had in my 3/4 of a century on this earth.
— Georgia Smith (Oct 26, 2022)
BETTER THAN NESTLE CRUNCH! Grew up eating Nestle Crunch but these are so much better and don’t cause inflammation like dairy chocolate. Yum!!
— S Patel (Nov 21, 2021)
This milk chocolate bar has the sweet creamy smoothness that some European chocolates have. Amazing that it is vegan.
— Katie Lindbeck (Sep 20, 2021)
ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!! I don’t have any allergies and I’m not vegan … I just buy these because they’re the best tasting peanut butter cups around!
— Izzy (Sep 29, 2022)


Chomp's Oat Milk Chocolate Is Dairy-Free, Mostly Organic & Made With Ethical Cacao.

No Chompromises!

Delicious and guilt-free chocolate done right.


Vegan Milk Chocolate For Everyone!



Let's face it... cows are gassy. The average dairy cow emits 100kg of methane a year, equivalent to a year's worth driving the average family car. That's a big carbon hoofprint! Because of these emissions, the dairy industry contributes greatly to climate change.

Additionally, over 400,000 dairy cows die every year to support the production of milk. Reasons range from cows that no longer produce enough milk, cows dying from exhaustion, and females giving birth to male calves, which are then sent to slaughter.

Chomp's mission is to create the best vegan milk chocolate in the world, allowing consumers to make a delicious decision for the environment. We've worked hard to offer a dairy-free milk chocolate that will give cows a run for their moo-ney.

Our Cocoa-Commitment

Chocolate That's Good For Everyone Involved.


Cacao Without Compromise

Holding the cocoa supply chain accountable is critical in order to pay farmers a fair wage and eliminate child labor practices.

Chocolate may appear easily accessible, but we take for-granted the laborious journey it makes from tree to bean to bar.

Chomp! is committed to sourcing our Cacao via fair-trade (good) or direct-trade (better). Not only is this good for farmers, it also allows us to make sure rainforests and ecosystems weren't disrupted to harvest.

The result is a premium craft chocolate made from bean-to-bar in our own factory. We want to make this chocolate accessible & affordable in hopes that consumers demand our standard as the new standard for ALL chocolate makers.

Accountability? Chomp! has a bean ledger where you can see what beans we have used and are using currently. We provide as much information as possible and this information is on our website! Just click the button below.



When Will I Get My Order?

Orders ship via USPS priority mail or first class package. Orders are processed within 24-48 hours and then It typically takes between 4-6 business days to receive your order. Shipping times for USPS depend on location and time of year. You will receive a tracking # as soon as your order is ready for shipment.

It's Hot, Will My Chocolate Melt In Transit?

During the summer months, we take extra steps to try and prevent melting. We are currently using biodegradable ice packs and metalized bubble wrap for insulation. We try and only use these when necessary to prevent waste. If your chocolate does melt in transit, we will happily replace your order. You can still eat the melted chocolate as it will be just as tasty :)

Are All Your Products Vegan?

Yes! Chomp! Our factory (which we built) and products are 100% vegan. We are bringing in a new era of milk chocolate, sans the cows!

I Have An Allergy, What's In Your Chocolate?

Our chocolate and production facility is 100% dairy free! Everything we make at our factory is also Soy-Free. However, we may use some inclusions produced by other manufacturers that contain soy. Although we have some nut-free options, we do use tree nuts in some of our products such as peanuts, hazelnuts and coconuts. Be sure to read the ingredients on the back side of the package.


Both our Original bars and Nutpucks are Gluten-Free. However, our Popstar bars contain barley malt extract so they are not. We use the same equipment to process our chocolate so please use discretion.

PLEASE NOTE: Our factory equipment is used to process nuts such as cashew, coconut, Hazelnut and peanuts.

Do You Use Ethical Chocolate?

Chomp's mission is to source ethical cacao and help eliminate destruction of rain forests, valuable ecosystems and child labor. We are committed to sourcing our cacao via Fair-Trade or Direct-Trade. We also keep a ledger of the current beans we are using and where they came from. SEE IT HERE

What Is The Shelf Life Of Your Products?

For our main products (Original, Popstar & Nutpucks) the shelf life is 9 months. For our seasonal items, the shelf life will vary but we generally say around 3-4 weeks.

Who Are You? Where Are Your Products Made?

We make everything in our own chocolate factory in Salem, OR. We proudly make our chocolate from bean-to-bar using high quality cacao and the same processing methods as many other 'craft chocolate' companies. We like to think of ourselves as artisan chocolate, without that hoity-toity that comes along with it. We are a small team, but have a big bite :)

Do You Have A Retail Location?

Our factory store is now open! We offer a variety of products and activities such as factory tours. CLICK HERE to learn more about visiting Chomp!

Are You In Grocery Stores?

We are currently on-boarding into several grocery and retail stores. CLICK HERE to find Chomp Chocolate near you.

Are Your Products Organic?

Mostly. We use Organic ingredients as much as possible. Our goal is to make vegan milk chocolate accessible to the world. Often, the most ethical cacao available is not organic, and we choose to put ethics first.

Does Your Facility Use Equipment That Processes Dairy Or Animal Products?

No! We spent 8 months building our very own chocolate factory that is 100% vegan. The equipment is not used to process anything accept plant-based goodies!

Are Your Products Gluten-Free?

All of our bars and chocolate are currently gluten-free except the Popstar bar which contains barley malt extract. We do use the same equipment to process our chocolate.

Are you on the Food Empowerment Project's list of ethical chocolate makers?

Yes! We are proud to be a recommended chocolate maker. You can see us on their list HERE

Are You Certified Kosher?

The Original bar, Popstar bar and Nutpucks are now certified Kosher by Oregon Kosher.

Are You Celiac Safe?

The short answer is no. Although we make our gluten-free items on separate equipment, all of our chocolate and treats are made in the same factory and we make some items containing gluten.