Chomp! is bringing a new era of milk chocolate to the world.

It’s just like milk chocolate, without compromise.

Creamy | Delicious | Plant-Based | Ethical

CHOMP! Into a world of creamy and delicious milk chocolate without the cows! Our chocolate is made from bean-to-bar with certified sustainable cacao and plant-based ingredients. 

Part 1 | Send Cows on Vacation

A business will always leave a footprint, but we desire ours to be as small as possible. We believe it’s possible to create chocolate so good, cows can take a permanent vacation. Removing the cows from the milk chocolate industry would be a game-changer in the efforts to slow down and even reverse climate change.

We know that the mission is good, but the chocolate has to be amazing for it to work. Chomp! Is confident you will be amazed at how much our moo-less chocolate mimics the taste and texture you love!

Part 2 | Ethical and Sustainable Cacao

Chocolate makes a great journey from tree to bean to bar. The process starts overseas in countries around 20 degrees from the equator. We get beans from all over, including Ecuador, Peru, Uganda. Since chocolate is a commodity, the prices are set far from the farm by traders and financial institutions.

The trouble(s) with chocolate.

  1. The price of beans is held down by cheap commodity prices. 
  2. Since there are anywhere from 6-10 middlemen in the supply chain, farmers will get poverty-level wages. Many less than $1 a day.
  3. In order to make enough money to survive, they are forced to plant more cacao on protected land such as rainforests and refuge designated areas. 
  4. Child labor is also a big problem because of this current business model.

How we and the chocolate industry can fix it?

There’s one solution that would take care of all or most of these problems...

Buy cacao from the farmer directly, eliminating as many middlemen as possible.

There are some amazing people that have decided to finally fix these problems, and Chomp Is working with them to buy our cacao so the farmer benefits as much as possible. 

We guarantee our cacao beans are either Fair Trade or Direct Trade. This is possible because of suppliers like Uncommon Cacao, which buys directly from farmers and then sells to us. 1 Middleman is better than 10. For accountability, we have a bean ledger that tells you about the current beans we are using to make Chomp’s tasty treats. 

We believe the good news is that these problems are all solvable, and we can continue to eat chocolate for generations to come!

Read more about the sourcing of our chocolate HERE