These vegan white chocolate gingerbread latte bars were fun to make. White chocolate is a good conduit to introduce other flavors. I find that fruit and spices work really well with a white chocolate because you don't have the cocoa solids which provide a traditional chocolate or cocoa flavor. 

When these solids are taken out of the equation, you are left with a nice sugar and fat base to play with. 

It all starts with our vegan oat milk white chocolate. The key when making anything with inclusions is having the right ratios for a well balance flavor that still says "I'm chocolate' but "I'm also gingerbread". If you overpower the chocolate base then it starts to taste cheap and more like candy. 

After I introduced the gingerbread spice blend, it was time to add espresso beans right into the melanger (grinder) for a full infusion. 

36 hours later, we have a beautiful white chocolate gingerbread! 

I've highlighted some of the process in the video below, enjoy! 

Ben Bailey