A Delicious Journey

Factory Tours For Schools

Chomp! is excited to offer tours to public, private & homeschool groups starting September 21st 2022.

School tours will be offered Wednesday-Friday and must be arranged with us in advance (see below)

See, Smell, Taste & Touch Chocolate At All Stages Of The Process

About The Tour

Chocolate goes on amazing journey from tree to bean to delicious bar. Our school tours include a conversation on how cacao is grown, harvested and prepared into cocoa beans.

We will then explain how we take cocoa beans and process them into chocolate.

The tour is very interactive with many things to smell, touch and taste. Everyone will try at least 2-3 chocolates.

Did you know that 50% of a cocoa seed is made up of cooca butter? There are many fun facts and some amazing chemistry happening inside of our chocolate. The crystal structure inside cocoa butter is also what allows us to temper our chocolate into solid bars.

Pricing, Booking & Info

*Price Depends On Tour Size

Length: We recommend a 30 minuted tour for grades 4 and below. Grades 5 and above we can extend it to 45 minutes if desired. You should also include time for looking around, visiting our sample bar, etc.

Booking: Please click the button below to star booking your tour.

*Please note: Due to space, a maximum of 30 people are allowed on each tour.


2195 Hyacinth ST NE (45th Parallel Building)
Suite 134
Salem, OR 97301


Phone: 503-689-1742

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What allergens are in your factory?

Our factory produces products that contain coconut, gluten, cashews, peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts.

How Many People Are Allowed Per Tour?

Due to space, no more than 25 people are allowed on a tour at one time.